Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Decomposition of Household Electricity Consumption Variations and Its Effective Factors in Urban Areas of Iran.    M.Sc.    tavana najar, amir    2014-03-11
2    Shifting Involvment؛ Subjective Action & Collective Action: An Exprimental Agent Based Modeling    M.Sc.    amiri, seiedeh samaneh    2014-04-21
3    The investigation of method of providing Auxiliary covered wagon for exports by rail to CIS countries by applying game theory.    M.Sc.    sotude, vahide    2014-05-28
4    The Effects of North America and China Shale Gas on Natural Gas Market    M.Sc.    deldar, faezeh    2014-07-01
5    Economic Determinants of Gold's Expected Return's Rate in Future Contracts of Iran Mercantile Exchange    M.Sc.    Filsouf, Masoud    2015-02-08
6    Microcredit and the Socio-economic Wellbeing of Women and families in Tabas    M.Sc.    pezeshkian, zahra    2015-05-20
7    Investigation of Amount and factors affecting the level of trust among farmers and extension agents    M.Sc.    kavakebi, vida    2015-05-30
8    Unemployment rate, household expenditure and marriage and divorce rates in the provinces of Iran    M.Sc.    sanei ghalibaf, roshanak    2015-06-23
9    Interstate Impact of Inflation and Unemployment on Income Distribution in Iran    M.Sc.    beiranvand, morteza    2015-06-25
10    Comparison and Evaluate of The Nuclear Issue of Iran During Khatami and Ahmadinejad in Framework of    M.Sc.    ALAVI, SEYED REZA    2015-07-22
11    Estimation of Optimal Monetary Policy Rule in Forward-Looking Model Framework in Iran's Economy: Flexible Inflation Targeting Strategy    Ph.D    jandaghi meybodi, fereshteh    2015-10-14
12    Investigation of Recovery Rate of Profit-Loss Sharing and Fixed- Return Contracts: A Game Theory Approach    Ph.D    ashrafzadeh, shokoofehsadat    2016-01-05
13    The impact of transaction cost on present bias for individual consumption-saving behavior: experimental approach    Ph.D    tashakkori, parvin    2016-01-10
14    : Investigating the Effects of the Subsidy targeting plan on the Expenditures of Education and Health in First to Third Decile    M.Sc.    abdollahnejad, morteza    2016-03-15
15    Comparative Analysis of optimum production path of oil in the Iran Petroleum Contract (IPC) and Production Sharing Contract (PSC) with stochastic dynamic programming approach    Ph.D    Sahebhonar, HamedSahebhonar, Hamed    2016-04-24
16    Comparative Study of the Characteristics of International Environment and Foreign Policy in the Economic Development of South Korea and Malaysia (1980-2010)    M.Sc.    Aghaei Mezerji, Reza    2016-04-26
17    experimental economy    M.Sc.    Motahhari, Mohammad ali    2016-04-29
18    The conformity effect of agents behavior on principal profit during wage delegation: an experimental study among students of Ferdowsi university of Mashhad    M.Sc.    Moravej, Kamal    2016-05-04
19    The Effect of Personality Traits on Individuals Behavior in Investment Game (Case study: Students of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad)    M.Sc.    khazaei, marzie    2016-06-26
20    A Consideration for asymmetric information in health insurance market in Iran and formation information consistent contract    Ph.D    arabiyan, nasim    2016-06-27
21    The study of volatility spillover of OPEC oil price in the stock price index of petroleum company    M.Sc.    dehghan tanha, sahar    2016-07-05
22    Afghan’s Social Identity and Individual Preferences: An Experimental Study    Ph.D    Hussaini, Sayyed Mohammad    2016-08-13
23    A Survey of Greenhouse Gases Emission Trading between Iran and BRICS Countries: A Game Theory Approach    Ph.D    mohamadbagheri, azam    2016-08-15
24    Investigating Effect of Income Inequality on Subjective Well-being in Developing Countries    M.Sc.    Fakoor, Mohammad Bagher    2016-10-04
25    Socio-economic Factors Influencing Participation Rate in Five Rounds of Presidential Elections of Iran (2001-2017)    M.Sc.    Farjadfar, Elahe    2016-10-18
26    Simulation of Boom-bust cycles of Housing Market Focusing on Socio-economic Mechanisms    Ph.D    chari sadegh, masoud    2016-10-26
27    Designing an optimal allocation assets and liabilities model of the bank in an interactive network of three banks    Ph.D    Mohammadloo, Mohsen    2017-02-12
28    The short-run effect of behavioral policies on household electricity consumption: A field experiment in Birjand city    M.Sc.    mahmoodi, pegah    2017-10-02
29    The Effect of Economic Development on Environmental Pollution in Selected Developing Countries With High Income    M.Sc.    babaee, maryam    2017-10-03